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We process passport applications, passport photos and offer travel books and media for you to plan your big trip; Our family-friendly passport office is your one-stop shop to securing passports for every member of your family Passport Requirements for Work Travel to Afghanistan: A current and valid passport is required for work travel to Afghanistan. Apply for Modification of POC: You can apply in modification category if changes to your POC data are required. Obtaining a Passport within Afghanistan Reprint Already Registered Form: Your Information will be saved if you click save & Continue or save & Exit to next page. a, pp. Includes how to cancel a lost passport, renew a passport and apply for an emergency  Stated in the letter number 90/648/6 dated 1395/4/2 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and in accordance with Passport law of Afghanistan section   Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have a blank page available. The staff of the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York would like to wish you a joyous Eid-al-Fitr, renewing a passport, or modifying an existing Afghan Adults who can present their U. 00. Once you complete your passport renewal application online, all you need to do is download and print your comprehensive renew passport application packet for shipping. Get Afghanistan Tourist & Business Visas Fast. Canberra. Applicant’s old passport 2. The afghan passport was introduced by emir abdur rahman khan in 1880. 5/10 years. afghanembassy. Clients can apply visa online form or download Vietnam Visa Application Form then full fill the  Nov 23, 2017 Monsef had listed her birthplace as Herat, Afghanistan but was born in be corrected before submitting a passport application," said Lariviere,  long-term visas for Afghan applicants. S. As of 2019, nearly one million computerized Afghan passports have been issued. Applicants may fill the online application form by going to the tab placed  At Key Travel, we focus on solving the complexity and time consuming nature of visa applications and passport renewals, freeing up your time for more important   Afghanistan Visa Services: Entry Requirements, Application Instructions & Consulate/Embassy Information. My passportWill expire in lesson six months. If your passport has been lost or stolen, please submit a police report with your application and a copy of your passport. Department of State and various foreign consulates to secure Expedited U. It is renewable Afghanistan Launches Online Passport Application Service · Afghanistan: Passport Law of 25 October 2015; appearance and security features of  NOTE: Due to a high number of passport applications and inquiries, we will be Passport Application Form: http://staging. When applying for a new passport or national ID card, you must be able to present identification. Passport Canada - thank you for speedy work in processing my passport renewal BUT you did a HORRIBLE job in getting my mailing address correct. Are you a US citizen who is traveling abroad? Find out if a visa is required for your trip! Please note that even if no visa is required, you will, at a minimum, still need the following for international travel: A passport is a travel document, usually issued by a country's government, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. a). Apr 10, 2018 Let TDS Assist in an Obtaining an Afghanistan Work Permit. Former passport: It is mandatory to bring your previous Afghan Passport to the consulate if you have been issued one in the past. If you exit without doing either of that, your information will be lost. If this is a Hello everyone, I need some advice regarding my passport translation as I'm applying for my PR card renewal. To get your passport renewal, you should ideally apply for it at least 9 weeks in advance. Online applicants are hereby informed that online passport renewal application, may require fresh fingerprints forms through an auto-generated emails (03) times at their registered email addresses if their fingerprints form were rejected/unverified consecutively due to quality parameters set forth in fingerprints system. 151,058 likes · 1,207 talking about this · 2,436 were here. It is worthwhile to be aware of all necessary documents, applications, fees, and steps to prepare yourself in advance, as in many cases a trip to a Polish Consulate is difficult to arrange. 2006b). Tolo News: Afghanistan’s government on Thursday formally announced its online passport application process and home delivery service. APPLYING FOR PASSPORT. In addition to your completed Afghan visa application form, you will also need to submit your original, signed United States passport. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PASSPORT RENEWAL 1. passport that was issued within the previous 15 years, who were at least 16 years old when the previous passport was issued, and who use the same name as listed on the passport, should follow the steps below. Regular processing times average 6 weeks or longer, especially if the passport office is busy. Order Cheap Diflucan Fluconazole online Canadian Pharmacy! Can you purchase diflucan over the counter, Is it safe to buy diflucan online. Printable passport application 2019. Spouse of Principal Applicant Iraqi or Afghan Special Immigrant Applying for a Philippine Visa Embassy Advisory: Visa applicants are strongly advised to finalize their flight booking only after the visa is granted. Ambassador Abdul Rahim Sayed Jan at the Independence Day Celebration Ceremony I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you for  Oct 25, 2018 On this page you will find information on: Application Process Adjustment the Afghan SIV program to include certain Afghans who were employed by Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa (if applicable); Copy of  Enclose one recent passport-size photo with these requirements: In color WITH A WHITE BACKGROUND; Printed on matte or glossy photo-quality paper; 2 x 2  passport. If you never had a Machine Readable Passport or want to MODIFY your passport then you have to visit the nearest Consulate or Embassy for issuance a passport. If you need a passport faster than 2-3 weeks, a third-party expediting service can submit your passport application for you for same day processing. The Senior Associate further cited Article 22 of the Law on Passport as indicating that "if the validity duration of a passport expires, the passport owner may apply for renewal and a new passport will be issued after payment of the required fee" (Shajjan & Associates 28 Jan. Please note that we no longer issue or extend old non-electronic passports, and you must apply for the new machine-readable electronic passport. Afghan nationals holding Afghan passport, living inPakistan since long are allowed visa/visa extension for a period of six months with  Services if you're visiting, studying, working or living in Afghanistan. Please note that  Application Forms. in Afghan Business. by Dawn (Ashley, IN) Question: I currently have a passport card that was issued in June 2009. The best source is the Afghanistan official embassy. d. Patt B: Documents required if applying for a replacement passport tick boxø (i) If passport is full, expired or mutilated, attach passport only [2 police report from country where passport is lost C] (ii) If passport is lost or damaged but still valid, attach: Statutory declarations news paper advertisement C] AND documentation at Part A 20. passport rather than an Afghan passport or identification card, they should get the appropriate visas. Hello and welcome to the website of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Los Angeles. Afghanistan Visa Requirements: Passport: Please send in your actual passport. Addresses of two references from Pakistan; Letter of introduction Swift Passport Services is a non-government, third party service that acts as a professional emissary between the user, the U. Beijing's new airport construction completed. Afghanistan Visas are required for all US Citizens and many foreign nationals prior to leaving the United States. If your current passport is within 1 year of expiration you will need to renew your passport before applying. Applications for new passports can also be accepted at the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Toronto and Vancouver. The Afghan consulate general in Vancouver is one of 67 Afghan diplomatic and consular representations abroad. . A valid passport is necessary after January Temporary Passport (Arabic: جواز سفر مؤقت ‎) (French: Passeport temporaire) - Issued in emergency cases to those who are in need to travel on short notice or urgently need to replace their lost or stolen passport. If you are unsure of the entry requirements for Afghanistan, including visa and other immigration information, ask your travel agent or contact the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in London. A multiple entry visa with five year validity or up to the expiry date of the passport, whichever is earlier, may be issued to applicants of Pakistani origin and their children & spouses (except Indian and Afghan nationals) provided they furnish photocopy of front and back of applicant’s valid or expired Pakistani ID papers (such as NIC/CNIC You are required to present your primary passport with your application. About Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver, Canada. Tel | (+61 2) 6282 7311. The afghan passport is issued to citizens of afghanistan for international Apply for a passport – adult in Canada. o The application fee for first time adult (over 16) applicants – $65. Get a Passport in a Hurry. o If you are able to present your current passport – $110. Please note: Although we have security guards and greeters at our entrance, it's common for outside vendors to approach our customers as they enter and leave the agency. Gazette  Collect your passport/visa from. The British government is supporting the Afghan government to: You can apply for an emergency travel document if you’re abroad and your passport has The British Embassy Kabul provides a Information Directory of the Embassies & Consulates of Afghanistan as well as the Afghan Diplomatic Mission to the United Nations. passport or international visa in as little as 1 business day with Swift Passport & Visa Services! A passport or national ID card is normally delivered to the passport office in question within five working days. Afghan nationals holding Afghan passport, living inPakistan since long are allowed visa/visa extension for a period of six months with one re entry. They are allowed further extension for 45-days. Iraqi or Afghan passport with an immigrant visa stamp noting that the individual has been admitted under IV (Immigrant Visa) Category SI1 and DHS stamp or notation on passport or I-94 showing date of entry. - to the best of my knowledge and belief I am an Afghan Citizen - the statements made in this application are true and correct : The passport section of the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York provides passport services to citizens of Afghanistan for international travel. We strongly advise that you get information from this website or from State Department employees at the door of or inside our Passport Application Form - to the best of my knowledge and belief I am an Afghan Citizen - the statements made in this application are true and correct : Former passport: It is mandatory to bring your previous Afghan Passport to the consulate if you have been issued one in the past. Using our Afghanistan visa service, we can personally guide you through the Afghanistan visa application and obtain your Afghanistan visa in time for your trip! When you apply for a passport renewal or a replacement passport, you will get a new passport number. Please write the e-mail with one of Afghan official languages (Dari and Pashto) or English. How much does it cost to get a passport faster? Government fees have increased, but they haven’t increased the speed. Apply in Person. C. The application along with all required documents and photographs must be submitted in quadruplicate (4 sets). USFOR-A/U. ). Visa requirements information for Afghanistan passport holders. Afghanistan Visa Application Form – Please provide a completed visa   Afghanistan visa can be obtained as quickly as a day from Visa PassportPro. Read below for more info on how to get your passport fast. Read More Learn how you can expedite your U. Original Photocopy Photocopy of any Canadian identity or residency document : Canadian Passport Landing paper Permanent Residency (PR) Two photos of yourself with your name on the back . Passport for child under eighteen: according to Act 18 of passport law and fulfilling the requirements of Act 19 of the same law, parents can apply for their minor child’s Afghan passport. The portal, which went live last week, can be used to apply for Pakistani passport has been ranked as the second worst in the world for international travel. under the BSA and SOFA are a passport and an Afghan visa, in accordance with Contractors may renew their valid visas at either the MoI Passport Office in  Speech of H. Get the most up-to-date information for Afghanistan related to Afghanistan travel visas, Afghanistan visa requirements and applications, embassy and consulate addresses, foreign relations information, travel advisories, entry and exit restrictions, and travel tips from the US State Department's website. Passport Card. Life-or-Death Emergencies. Information is updated daily and reflects the current target turnaround times. You can also check with them how long your passport must be valid for. Afghans in Iran are refugees and immigrants who fled Soviet–Afghan war, its ensuing civil war [disambiguation needed], and the U. Click here if you wish to apply at the Consulate General in Toronto, For information and requirements for Passport for Under 18s, please click here. There are several things that need to be perfect on the passport in order for the visa application to process further. See more at the Afghanistan EmbassyPages . The Afghan passport was introduced by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan in 1880. b, p. Expediting a passport at an acceptance facility (new) or by mail (renewal) takes 2-3 weeks. Visa for Foreigners of Afghan Origin. Stop by our passport office at Central Library to get started. At a gathering at the Passport Department, CEO Abdullah Abdullah, officially announced the program and said that the initiative will help Afghan citizens to get passports. Applicants Age 16 and 17. and NATO contractor employees must have a valid national passport and Afghan visa at the time of entry into Afghanistan commercial or military airport without a visa are in violation of Afghan law and risk fines or deportation. Question: How long does it take to get a passport? Answer: Standard processing takes up to 6 weeks, 8 weeks or more depending on the demand at the time you apply. As a respective office of Pakistan, the consulate General Performs multidimensional jobs, including provision of consular services; facilitate trade promotion (there is a commercial section); provide guidance to Pakistani community toward establishing better relations with the local populace; and facilitate better understanding of local laws, customs and traditions. Website | www. changes in Name, father/spouse name, marital status, Date of Birth, Dual Nationality, profession, and religion or your passport LOST or DAMAGED then you have to visit the nearest Consulate or Embassy for issuance a passport. Pervious Afghanistan Passport . That's because it's a federal process overseen by the Department of State. PASSPORT INFORMATION. On the following pages you can register on the waiting list for an appointment for a long-term visa application. i hope my passport is not in the hands of some criminal or my identity gets stolen. ) Dear Passport Applicants! Fortunately, we have recently launched the new Afghan Passport Processing System (APPS), the Consulate Section has now started processing the applications taken in last two months, due to large amount of applications received, we are trying to reach out to all applicants to come to the Consulate Section for taking bio-metric details. For example, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Nurses, Fashion Designers, Businessmen and Women, Architect, Pastors, students, IT personnel, Drivers etc Track your Passport. Please visit traveldocs. The interior ministry of Pakistan has launched an e-Services Portal to enable overseas Pakistanis to renew their passports online. 1 additional taxes may apply. I'm planning on renewing my Afghan passport. Online facility is only applicable to passport renewal. However, the presences of all applicants including children (minors) are mandatory at the Consulate General of Afghanistan, in order to take a brief · Second Passport. All visa applications should be accompanied by copy of personal particular page of the passport and copy of Taskara (ID card) for Afghan nationals. Applying for a Visa to Jordan 24 Jun 2019; U. You will also need to submit an official passport-style photograph and a copy of your itinerary. See the world and all it has to offer. How to Apply for a Passport. citizen and need a passport, we also expedite the application. (Effective April 2, 2018) · Passport Card. e. investors. g. Also check to ensure that your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the entry/exit dates of your planned trip. According to the  Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Welcome to Afghan Community & Welfare Centre Afghan Community & Welfare Centre is based in Walsall established in 2007 to help and support Afghans and other migrant communities living in West Midlands, we are a non-profitable organisation and registered charity, charity number: 1152996 and company number: 06362689 Limited by Guarantee. The applicant must return his/her old and/or expired hand-written passport(s) to the Embassy upon lodging the application,  Aug 30, 2013 these passports are no longer accepted by the Afghan authorities and must be renewed. The Afghani Consulate in Canada supports Canadian citizens through its consular services, if they: NOTE: If the passport has not yet expired but has 7 months or less validity, the applicant can still apply in renewal category to acquire a machine readable passport with the extended validity of the passport i. 2017). As of 2019 nearly one million computerized afghan passports have been issued. What duration will my new passport have? What are the elements that will be included in my passport? Until when, is my old passport in effect? Until when, is my new non biometric passport in effect? What happens to the issued passport which isn’t received in time? What happens to the passport when the passport holder has died? passport; whether the 'place of birth' noted in the passport is the same as the one listed on the tazkira, and whether it refers to the place of birth of the owner of the passport or their father's (2015-January 2017) Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa 1. Visa for Afghan Nationals. Welcome to Passport applicants can download and print the application form for Fresh/Reissue of Passport/Diplomatic or Official Passport/Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)/Identity Certificate/LoC Permit. war in Afghanistan. The passport you issued on March 24-2007 has expired and I am hereby asking for its renewal to a permanent one. Children Under 16. Should this information be missing the passport section will not be able to respond. 4. Passport renewal fee for 5 years: $100. They include an unknown number of illegal migrant workers, as well as a smaller number of traders, exchanged students, diplomats, and tourists. (Effective April 2, 2018) o For a previous passport/passport card holder the fee Passport Application Form. canberra. Passport fees How much your passport costs depends on how you apply for it. PO Box 155. For further information, refer to the attached copies of the form to apply for a new passport (Afghanistan n. passport in Seattle, Washington is very much like getting one anywhere else in the country. V. Passport Renewal 14 Jun 2019  If you're travelling to Afghanistan, our up-to-date travel advice gives you practical tips on emergency contacts, security, climate and other essential information. There are currently no fingerprinting requirements for U. n. Sponsor letter has to be on affidavit and the host’s CNIC/Passport copy needs to be notarized from Pakistan (Original). A proof of your citizenship, either in the form of a birth certificate, a previously issued passport, consular report of birth abroad, naturalization certificate, or a certificate of citizenship is required. Afghan visa requirements for U. Deakin West ACT 2600. The Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, D. I will be needing to get a passport book within the next couple of years so I can travel to Barbados. A Complete and Comprehensive Listing of Afghanistan International Inter-Governmental Representative Organizations Abroad as Well as Those of Other Countries in Afghanistan. Also find news, photos and videos on passports renewal Illegal passport: Afghan’s According to the website of the Consulate of Afghanistan in Los Angeles, if the applicant's passport has been lost or stolen, they must "submit an original police report with [their] application and a copy of [their] passport and original afghan National ID (Taskera)" (Afghanistan n. Revised procedures and requirements for Indian visa for Afghan citizen/passport holders of Afghanistan. The application for the current tazkera consists of a written statement from the father  Apr 6, 2016 All Afghan citizens holding ordinary passports are required to apply at The address of India Visa Application Center (IVAC) managed by the  Mar 29, 2019 Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Application Process . Perfect time to apply for a new passport The Afghan consulate general in Toronto is one of 67 Afghan diplomatic and consular representations abroad. Please let me know if I need an active Afghan passport if I plan to travel to Iran to visit my sister and brother,and what other than my expired passport I have to send along with the fee etc. After you have your Polish citizenship confirmed and are legally recognized as a Polish citizen, you can apply for the Polish European passport. Passport must have at least two blank pages that are face to face. All U. The other question is whether I still have passport sallam brother wayan shadab astam dar france mebasham dar sale 2015 asnad 5 salle italya ra grftam ta hal da gangal astam dar callais 2 sale;m enja shod wa ba passport zarorat daram ba daftar call mknam jawab namitan ba komakitan zarorat daram . All professionals should bring along their certificates to be scanned by the Passport Section. Explore passports renewal profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of passports renewal. Replace a Limited Validity Passport. Non-Afghan Foreigners have to produce copy of Passport, including the Afghan visa page proving residency in Afghanistan along with the application. Frequently Afghanistan Passport Office in Kabul: The Head Office of Afghan Passport System Complete guidelines to fill visa application form There are many websites these days that offer you the opportunity to submit the passport application online to save you from a lot of fuss and trouble. Ambassador Rahmani participates in the first "Doing Business in Central Asia" Joint Program. If you are a U. Image source: Popular Science Note that a US passport book number is the same as a passport number, it's just a slightly more formal phrasing. Visa/Passport. The new Afghan passports are machine-readable with validity of 5 years and 10 years only for adults. Afghan passports lack lamination on the biodata page, which is . The Afghan passport is issued to citizens of Afghanistan for international travel. This passport contains 8 pages and is valid for a period between six months and one year. If you have already  Fortunately, we have recently launched the new Afghan Passport Processing Service: Please select the service you require (Passport, Power of Attorney,  Feb 20, 2017 Afghanistan: Requirements and procedures to obtain, renew, and replace a biometric passport, both within and outside the country; validity  Old Hand-written Passport. so THANK YOU for sending my passport to the WRONG address. The packet contains your application and instructions about all of the necessary supporting documents you’ll need to submit your renewal without errors. o If you are not able to present your current passport – $145. Edit and print documents online in just a few seconds. Passports Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan - Washington DC, Washington, DC. You can apply for renewal of your expired POC. You need to bring your receipt when collecting your passport or national ID card. Obtaining a U. Until recently the Afghan government preferred that work permits be issued once an applicant had arrived in Afghanistan on a business visa, now both the embassy and consulate will issue a work permit prior to arrival in the country. Please download the required application form and fill it properly. 1-2) and the form to apply for a passport extension (ibid. held a joint program called "Doing Business in Central Asia" and presented their perspectives with U. We encourage you to look over the   Online form: Please fill out the online passport application form in any of the languages Dari, Pashto, and or in English and submit it online. Passports and Expedited Visa Service in as little as 1 business day. Afghani Consulate in Canada runs an inclusive range of consular services to local, Afghan, and international citizens in Canada. . E. Before you apply, answer a few questions or read the eligibility requirements to find out if you’re eligible to apply for a new passport or to renew your actual passport. Afghan Visa Applicants. Blast rocks Afghan capital, 34 killed, 68 injured. Valid identification at the time of application. I know that I can apply for an RTD. Visa applicants are required to submit own bank statement proving financial ability to pay all costs of the trip. If passport being renewed is the old brown passport or machine readable passport (MRP), submit NSO authenticated Birth Certificate and other supporting documents with complete middle name and place of birth***. Please contact the consulate general in Toronto directly for inquiries and questions regarding visa regulations and passport requirements. af. Passport Renewal (Online) Apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport, if your passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months. Change of Sex Marker . foreign passport, driver’s license, military ID, etc. Embassy Kabul BSA FAQs: BSA contractor employees are to enter Afghanistan in conformity with Afghan law. The Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa issues passports only to Afghan citizens residing in, and applying from, Canada. The passport will need to have at least six full months of remaining validity to work for this application. Please note the issue date of your passport is a Target Issue Date and not a guaranteed date. s, and school records, what is going on? Your expediter is seeking to obtain a standard Afghan work visa rather than the 1 year multiple entry visa. Photocopy of old passport’s personal data page. mfa. You cannot get a refund if you cancel your application or you’re not entitled to a passport. Your US passport book number can be found on the top right of the second page in your passport. Passport Application Form (Dari/English) پاسپورت · Passport Application  On this page you will find information about machine-readable passport requirements and passport application forms. Addresses However, if he/she holds valid ordinary passport with valid OCI/PIO cards, entry can be allowed. Henley & Partners, a company that assists wealthy clients with residence and citizenship planning and Principal Applicant Iraqi or Afghan Special Immigrant. - Address / Phone Number Afghan Consular Office in Washington, United States Please notarize the passport application. Afghan Embassy for the U. NOTE: If you never had a Machine Readable Passport (Computerized Passport) or want to MODIFY your passport i. 3. Passport Application Form (Dari/English) پاسپورت Passport Application Form (Pashto/English)پاسپورت Visa Application Form (English) Diplomatic Visa Application Form Certificate of Identity-Nationality (تأیید هویت) Entry Permit (Only For Afghans)ورقه ورودی Power of attorney وکالت خط Tazkera (تذکره) If Diplomatic Passport or Service Passport, please enter your Job Title: Have you ever had an Afghan passport? ! Yes ! No uCG( 3#=(9 ) Passport Application Renewal Passports; Adults (age 16 and older) You will need: Your current or expiring passport One valid form of photo identification (e. Afghan origin/third country passports holders are initially granted 45-days visa by our missions abroad except Pakistan Mission in Afghanistan. Order Diflucan without prescription. us/contents/2016/03/  Attention: Effective 24th of June 2016, the Afghan machine-readable passport applicant must provide his/her national ID (Tazkera). passports. Ambassadors of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan in Washington D. You can track the progress of your Passport/Passport Card application using your 11-digit application number. I hired an expediter who is now asking for work permits, C. Please contact the consulate general in Vancouver directly for inquiries and questions regarding visa regulations and passport requirements. What Form Should I use? Renew my Passport by Mail. i ask that you triple check the address next time you put another passport through FedEx. For other types of passport, such diplomatic, service, student and so on, applications can be made at the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul. I have visas and stamps in my passport as I traveled few times in last 4 years. Apply Outside the United States. Passport Renewal for green Card holders (Granted based on Asylum)? I have a green card based on Asylum (Afghanistan). It is renewable every 5 years. Eligibility Conditions and Supporting Documents for Different Visa Categories: All visa applications should be accompanied by copy of personal particular page of the passport. Passport Section E-mail (Just to send the supplementary document): Please write the first name, surname, date of birth, case number or the date of appointment in the e-mail. If you are applying for a renewal of a second passport, you only need to submit your second passport with your application. An infant, even a newborn, must possess a passport if the child will be taken outside the U. Passport Extensions for 4, 3, 2 or 1 year are available (ibid. This website is designed in accordance with the new Afghan consular laws and regulations in order to respond to the needs of our citizens and other visitors who require our services. I have a passport card but need a passport book to travel to Barbados. com Afghan homepage for more detailed visa instructions, fees and processing times. Change or Correct a Passport. The Embassy will not hasten the visa processing to accommodate the applicant’s flight schedule. Passport & Visa Requirements - VISA REQUIREMENTS IN MAURITIUS Mauritius, indicating that your application to enter Mauritius has been reviewed by an Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, . To apply for a passport, you must be a Canadian citizen and 16 years of age and over. Indian Mission/Visa Application Center or by post . (MoCI) and the Afghan Embassy in Ottawa. (Minimum field required for Partial Save(Save & Exit) is upto Date of Birth). Get a new passport number with your passport renewal. these materials include copies of passport biodata pages, birth certificates,  Sep 27, 2018 Application Fees . (7 KB). and NATO contractors went into effect on 1 September 2015. – Consulate Section began the issuance of the new machine-readable Afghan passport starting January, 2015. (Afghanistan 3 Apr. Have you ever had an Afghan passport?/آیا گاهی پاسپورت افغانی داشته اید؟ Yes/بلی No/نی * If yes, please provide Previous Passport Number/اگر داشتید، لطفا جزئیات ذیل را تکمیل نمائید، شماره پاسپورت قبلی: Applying for a new US passport today! A passport is something you will definitely need for international travel. Make sure that you have at least two blank visa pages available. Photo size 2”x2” Proof address “up to date” Utility bill, driving license, BC ID Afghanistan Passport Requirements: Passport Photograph Requirements There are several minor details that need to be taken into consideration when one applies for visa on the Afghanistan passport. Passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of your departure from Afghanistan. New passports cannot be applied online. afghan passport renewal